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FUNABA is a Manipuri Word and the meaning is to ‘Fight’. Fighting involves a single person/ more persons with or without arms/weapons. In ancient time our ancestor also used the Word PHU - NA - BA but Meitei Mayek script wrote

FUNABA - Meaning in Manipuri:-

FU- Fight (Fuba)

NA- Each Other (Amaga-Amaga)

BA - Agree (Yanaba)

PRINCIPLES (Chatna Pathap)

FUNABA Martial Arts:-

A principle is a concept or value that is a guide for behavior or evaluation in law, it is a rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed:

  • KHUTLON - Hand Technique
  • KHONGLON - Leg Technique
  • SARIT SARAK - Self - Defense
  • LANGNALON - Throwing Technique
  • KHUTSU-KHUTLAI - Weapons Training
  • HAKSEL - Meditation / Natural   healing
  • SAJEN KANGLON - Flexibility & Balancing
  • ESHEI TANTHA - Music Rhythm


    FUNABA is an Indigenous Traditional Martial Arts originated from the state of Manipur (India) during the ancient period. Manipur situated at 23°50'N – 25°42'N Latitude and 92°58'E – 94°45'E Longitude. Manipur covers a geographical area of 22,327 sq.km. with a population of 2.7 Million (2011) bounded by Burma (Myanmar) to the East, Nagaland to the North, Assam and Mizoram to the South & South West. Manipur has his own written history of 2000 years, Manipur was known as Munnipore by British, Kathe by Myanmar, Cassay by Thailand, Makle by Assam, Moglai by Bangladesh and Japanese called it ‘Takane No Hana’ a flower on lofty heights. History of Myanmar (Burma) and history of Thailand (Siam) cannot be completed without the history of Manipur and British regarded Manipur as one of the Asiatic Forces during its heyday.
    In the ancient times, Meities believed that duel combat Martial Arts have been organized in the Pre-Historic Period. When Lord Koubru led Gods and Demigods to settle at the Seloi Langmai Ching, performed the Laiharouba (Festival of Deities).At the end of the Laiharaoba, Mukna (an unarmed martial arts) kind of physical strength challenge (Wrestling) - Muknaba or Angamtanaba and later on Changdamnaba was introduced and Played. This dual combat of Mukna is believed to be the father of all unarmed martial arts today.
    Now a days FUNABA Martial Arts has become very Popular and practiced at the Schools, Colleges, Universities, Club Houses, Locals, Districts, Union Territories, States, National and International level as Games & Sports.
    It is a part of sports which requirs absolutely physical fitness and skill to be mastered. It does not require gender (male or female) age group (old or young). Both physical and mentally fit is required for the contestant either by Defensive and Attacking should be targeted to get the points inside the Arena from the opponents.
    The Rules & Regulations of World Funaba Federation (WFF) shall apply to all the affiliated Countries of the World. These Rules will also be applicable to National and International School games Competitions. Players not only have to compete with kicks, punches but also Demonstrate one’s skill in Funaba Lou. The basic aim and objects of Funaba are mainly to keep body healthy and sound mind for Self Defense Skills. i.e. Exercise and training in sports which aims in infusing good habits and beneficial throughout the life. So, Funaba Martial Arts Competition will be of Two types :

                   (A) CHANGDAMNABA             (B) LOU


    FUNABA / Martial Arts - A Self Defence

    In FUNABA both Techniques of Offensive and Defensive are required depending on the prevailing situations.

    Where we have to dominate the position of the enemies in case of Offence Technique. In case of Defensive Technique we have to wait and watch till we get best opportunity to dominate the opponents and here it applies the Self Defence in the FUNABA Martial Arts.

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