What is FUNABA Martial Arts: -

FUNABA is a Manipuri Word and the meaning is to ‘Fight’. Fighting involves a single person/ more persons with or without arms/weapons. In ancient time, our ancestor also used the Word PHU - NA - BA but Meetei Mayek script

FUNABA - Meaning in Manipuri:-

FU- Fight (Fuba)
NA- Each Other (Amaga-Amaga)
BA - Agree (Yanaba)

FUNABA / Martial Arts - A Self Defence

In FUNABA, both techniques of Defensive and Attacking are required depending on the prevailing situations.

Where we have to dominate the position of the opponents in case of Offence technique. In case of Defensive technique we have to wait and watch till we get best opportunity to dominate the opponents and here it applies the Self Defence in the FUNABA Martial Arts.


The Nature of the World Funaba Federation shall be purely Self Defence, Weapons, Yoga, and Throwing Technique and Gymnastic Art free from caste, creed, colour, politics and religion.

Area Of Operation:-

The area of operation of the World Funaba Federation shall be all over the World.


FUNABA Martial Arts

A principle is a concept or value that is a guide for behavior or evaluation in law, it is a rule that has to be, or usually is to be followed:

  • KHUTLON - Hand Technique
  • KHONGLON - Leg Technique
  • SARIT SARAK - Self - Defense
  • LANGNALON - Throwing Technique
  • KHUTSU-KHUTLAI - Defensive or Attacking
  • HAKSEL - Meditation / Natural healing
  • SAJEN KANGLON - Flexibility & Balancing
  • ESHEI TANTHA - Music Rhythm

Aims and Objectives of FUNABA Martial Arts:-

  • To work for the betterment of the citizens of the world to live healthy, physically fit, free from any Diseases and Self Protection from evil.
  • To exchange Human Resources by promoting FUNABA Martial Arts in the world.
  • To work together for the cause of social development among the FUNABA Martial Arts and to promote countries so as to bring Peace, Tranquility and Harmony in the World.
  • To take up research and development (R&D) of expansion of Knowledge and concept of FUNABA Martial Arts.
  • To help people in the events of Flood, Drought, Fire, Social and other Natural Calamities and from any Disaster.
  • To establish learning centre for the Global Language as a part of FUNABA Martial Arts Promotional Programme.
  • To promote social Activities to save the world from any untoward incidents or violent activities.
  • To help prevention of Global warming through Environment related activities such as free Plantation, Reforestation and Prevention of Deforestation.
  • To spread the Theory and Art of FUNABA Martial Arts as a Venture Sport for the attachment of Economic Revolution by generating employment for unemployed youths.
  • Funaba Martial Arts will run Institutions from time to time.
  • To organise Funaba Martial Arts Tournaments,Championships,Festivals and Exhibition Matches.