Syllabus of the FUNABA Martial Arts and its Scope is so vast and it may developed from situation to situation and it has no limit till the universe exist.

Weight Category:-

World Funaba Martial Arts shall have different categories of age and weight of the players.There will be Junior category for both boys and girls under 14 / under 17/ under 19 years. And there will be Senior category both for man and woman above 19 years.

Dress Code of FUNABA Martial Arts:-

The Uniform of World Funaba Martial Arts shall be white dress only at the time of fighting during the tournaments but at the time of LOU(KATA) Competitions other designed colour dress is allowed.The designed colour dress shall be approved by the World Funaba Federation.

Belt System:-

There shall be class wise Belt System under the Rules and Regulations of World Funaba Martial Arts. The concept of belts is probably one that most people associate with Funaba Martial Arts, even though they only have a passing interest in the subject. In order to achieve their next Belt, a student must demonstrate there proficiency in their current belts techniques, to include basic moves, forms, fight and Lou(Kata).

Language of FUNABA Martial Arts:-

The Language for World FUNABA Martial Arts shall be Manipuri & English Language

Equipments or Tools for FUNABA Martial Arts:-

The Players and Sportsman can use weapon such as swords for the defence under the rules and regulation of World Funaba Martial Arts. But during practice or training period the real swords may not be used instead similar tools like swords or made of wood can be used. There shall be Short, Long, Thin, Thick Decorated swords, to be use as equipments or tools for World Funaba Martial Arts. There shall be Head Guard, Chest Guard, Hand Gloves, Shin Guard, Abdomen Guard and Mouth Guard. All the equipments or tools shall be soft one, made of leather and rubber. As a advance technique Funaba Martial Arts also uses a device call sensor and camera. There shall be scientific methods for using the equipments. The equipments or tools at the Funaba Martial Arts should be approved by the World Funaba Federation.