1Who is the President and Technical Director of World Funaba Federation ?
Mr. Ranbir Singh Laishram (16-09-1974) is now the President and Technical Director of World Funaba Federation. He takes care of all the Training Centres of FUNABA in the World. Few adjectives to mention about him is adamant, focussed, creative, non-lethargic, energetic, disciplined and so does a mighty leader of leaders. He was born to an ex-army officer father and a home maker mother at a small town known as Karong, Imphal, Manipur, India. After his father expired, he had left nothing but had to forcefully accept a daily bread earning job. He left no stones unturned to get a white-collar job, however in vain. After which, he dedicated himself to becoming a professional Martial Artist. Since his childhood, his passion to have learnt Manipuri Martial Arts pushed him and mesmerised him unconditionally to get trained from most of the Manipuri profound Grand Masters namely, (Late) Khundrakpam Roton Singh, (Late) K. Ranjit Nongthang, Moirangthem Mani Singh etc. He had also researched in various forms of martial arts of Manipur, natural healing therapy and cultural heritage of Manipur. At present, he is the Bollywood Action Director and the Sports Management Director of all International and State Board Schools in Mumbai. To top up his experience, he had bestowed coaching to more than 400 Schools in India and also trained "Self Defence" to Commandos, Police, Traffic Police, Advocates, Social Activist Women etc. Moreover, he was awarded the best performer by Sony TV and StarPlus TV.
2Who is the Co-President of World Funaba Federation ?
Mr. Lukram Rocky Singh (01-01-1982) who hails from Imphal, Manipur is one of the founder members and Co-president of World Funaba Federation. He is very enthusiastic, sincere, a great motivator, a positive thinker and a truthful leader. He had done B.Sc., HDCM and TESOL Diploma. Now, he handles overall management of the Federation and also directly connects to all Federations in the world, including Funaba Federation of India and its subsidiaries. Notwithstanding, he has a clear and extensive knowledge in International School’s administration of IB Curricula. In addition to that, he had been associated with three different International Schools in India for more than a decade. Thrice he was in the internal management in conducting three mega events of “The Association of International Schools in India (TAISI) Sports Meet”. To sum up his childhood, at the mere age of 14, he had practised “Judo” under the guidance of a local professional Judo Master, “Taekwondo" with Local Blackbelt Masters and became a “Bodybuilder” at the age of 19 and also took part at the State Level Body Building Championship.
3Who is the Chief Executive Officer of World Funaba Federation ?
Mrs. Monika R. Laishram is presently the Chief Executive Officer of World Funaba Federation.
4Who is the Deputy Technical Director of World Funaba Federation ?
Mr. Irengbam Robindro Singh (01-04-1979) is presently the Deputy Technical Director of World Funaba Federation. He had learnt various forms of Martial Arts from profound Masters of Manipur. He was honoured Blackbelt by (Late) K. Ranjit Nongthang in 1997. For almost two consecutive years, he gave martial art training to many aspirants at Amravati, Maharashtra. Even though he was being a Master, yet he had never stopped learning all other forms of Martial Arts as such he even learnt "Thang-Ta", a kind of Martial Art of Weapons. He also learnt Taekwondo under the guidence of Master O. Dhanabir, Kick-boxing under the guidence of Master Shanti, Wu-shu under the guidence of Biramani etc. Still he is practising all forms of Martial Arts by himself and continuing his coaching to aspirants of all age groups.
5Who is the Managing Director of World Funaba Federation ?
Mrs. Meenakshi Das Dowerah who is basically from Guwahati, Assam and is currently settled down in Mumbai, is the Managing Director of World Funaba Federation. She is a law graduate and had also done professional management course. She is a proactive planner, strategist and implementer with demonstrated abilities. To sum up her experiences, she had been associated with various Multinational Corporate Organisations in Delhi, Noida and Assam and also had worked for SPML Infra Ltd, Meinhardt Singapore Pte, Assam Carbon Products Ltd. etc. Moreover, she has over 10 years of hands-on experience in Public Relations, Human Resource Management, maintaining corporate relationship with clients, Administration, Liasoning, business development etc.
6What are the Techniques of FUNABA ?
  • KHUTLON - Hand Technique
  • KHONGLON - Leg Technique
  • SARIT SARAK - Self Defence
  • KHUTSU - KHUTLAI - Offensive or Defensive with the use of Arms/Weapons.
  • YOGA - Meditation / Nature Care Medicines
  • GYMNASTIC - Flexibility & Balancing
At present, Moirangthem Mani Singh, aged 87 of Manipur, India is the Grand Master of FUNABA Martial Arts, Manipur, India. His teacher (Oja) was (Late) Grand Master Khundrakpam Roton Singh who was also the Ex-Grand Master of FUNABA Martial Arts, Manipur, India. He expired at the age of 96.